Kamloops Precision Kinetics uses active rehabilitation to help clients to overcome injuries, strengthen, and improve movement through one-on-one training sessions designed to grow strength and confidence in the exercises and develop independence in training routines.

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Initial Kinesiology Assessment

All new patients begin with a 90-minute initial assessment consisting of a detailed review of past medical history, detailed joint assessments, and special tests as necessary, as well as a functional movement screen to determine personal limitations to movement and overall fundamental functional movement pattern quality. The information uncovered during this initial assessment will allow your kinesiologist to create an individualized program tailored to your specific rehabilitation, fitness, or performance goals.  

Functional Movement Program (FMP)/Kinetic Link Training

Whether you’ve never been to a gym or you are a high level performance athlete, our functional resistance training programs are the ideal way for you to achieve your fitness goals. From improving body composition and getting that perfect  beach body to maximizing your functional strength, power, and motor control, we have the program that will help you both look and perform your best. 

Our biomechanically balanced approach to resistance training is based on the Kinetic Link Training System developed by Australian Sports Physiotherapist, Wayne Rogers. It focuses on movements instead of muscles, emphasizing strength and control in dynamic, multi-plane exercises that mimic daily tasks or sporting activities. This type of training enriches balance, coordination and overall motor control while maximizing the ability to perform daily or sporting activities with ease, efficiency, strength, and control.

FMP/KLT Packages (1 hour sessions)
4 Session Package         $ 300+gst
6 Session Package         $ 435+gst ($15 savings)
8 Session Package         $ 570+gst ($30 savings)
12 Session Package       $ 840+gst ($60 savings)

FMP/KLT Packages (90 minute sessions)
4 Session Package         $ 450+gst
6 Session Package         $ 651+gst ($24 savings)
8 Session Package         $ 855+gst ($45 savings)
12 Session Package       $ 1,260+gst ($90 savings)

FMP/KLT Follow-up Maintenance and Progression  

Ensure you continue to get the results you are looking for by booking monthly or bi-monthly maintenance sessions after your initial package. Check technique, review progress, and learn proper exercise progressions to build upon your initial program and continue to challenge your functional movement capabilities.

Active Rehabilitation

Our active rehabilitation programs are ideal for anyone suffering with pain from muscle or joint injuries. Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle or workplace accident, or have pain from workplace demands, poor posture, or sporting injuries we can help you get back to your pain-free, active best. Our individualized, comprehensive active rehabilitation programs address the primary sources of your joint pain and discomfort while identifying underlying movement dysfunctions that contribute heavily to ongoing chronic pain. Recover from your injuries and master your fundamental functional movement patterns to get back to pain free living with our active rehabilitation programs.

Active Rehabilitation Packages (1 hour sessions)*
8 Session Package         $ 625+gst ($140 savings)
12 Session Package       $ 900+gst ($205 savings)

Active Rehabilitation Packages (90 minute sessions)*
8 Session Package     $ 940+gst ($165 savings)
12 Session Package   $ 1,375+gst ($240 savings)

*All Active Rehabilitation Packages include $85 program design fee

Sport Specific Training

Don’t lose your edge in the off-season! Take the downtime to build good habits and fine-tune sport-specific movement mechanics with an individualized program tailored to help you improve your game – whether you want to improve on the ski-hill, out on the water, or at the golf course.

Pricing will varies based on individual goals – Contact us to discuss your customized sport-specific training program.

Motor Vehicle Recovery/Return to Work Program  

Kamloops Precision Kinetics offers Motor Vehicle Recovery and Return to Work programs in conjunction with Change Your Pain Kamloops. We work with a registered massage therapist and pain management counsellor to create a custom plan to address issues caused by motor vehicle or workplace accidents.